Monday, August 06, 2007

Wacky search queries

Sorry to Disappoint

Here's a sampling of the search queries that have recently brought visitors to this blog:

alice the artificial linguistic intern

I guess this person means ALICE the chatbot, who is quite amusing, by the way. She'd make a terrible intern, though. Can't make photocopies.

elizabeth taylor nude

This one shows up frequently. For the record, I have never posted nude pictures of Elizabeth Taylor. I doubt any even exist, which must be a huge disappointment to someone out there, or maybe many out there.

albuqerque police sniper shootings

OK. If police snipers are shooting in Albuqerque, there must be a thousand news sites with more coverage of it than can be found here, since I don't recall mentioning police snipers. Or Albuqerque, for that matter. Why someone would end up here using that search phrase is beyond me.

imagine she's a pretty nice girl

This refers to another Elizabeth....Yes, I've mentioned this phrase. It's what the lyrics to the Beatles song "Her Majesty" sound like to me. Somebody else must be making the same mistake. It's not "I imagine she's a pretty nice girl"; it's "Her Majesty's a pretty nice girl". Oh well. I like my version better.

werewolf names generator

How about....Wolfgang Von Blitzer?

poetry by people in Narcotics annoyance

Narcotics annoyance? I could understand, maybe, searching for "poetry by people in Narcotics Anonymous", though I imagine most such compositions would be pretty annoying.

torture drawings

Why? Why?


I've never posted anything about q-tips -- I don't think. Oops, now I have....

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