Monday, December 31, 2007

Paint Buy Numbers:: Art or Scam?

Paint Buy Numbers

Would you buy a painting of a number -- just a blue number on white canvas -- by Swiss artist Marcel Salathé? People do. I'm not sure if this is a conceptual art project or a money-making scam. It may be both.

Read all about it at the official website: One thousand paintings

And here's a Wired magazine article about it, written by the guy who purchased 41: Wired 14.12: Posts

Monday, December 24, 2007

Season's Greetings

Happy Christmas

Season's greetings, or merry...whatever you all my millions of readers around the world.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Way I Feel

The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Way I Feel

It's Weird Food Week. It seems that every year, in the week before Christmas, we get bombarded with cookies, candies and all sorts of odd cheeses, condiments and even sausages, which arrive by mail or messenger. What do you give people (sometimes referred to as "clients" or "customers") when you don't know what to give them? Food, apparently, but it has to be something they don't normally eat. I guess that's why so many fruitcakes get passed around.... Speaking of fruitcakes, what was with the scary guy I saw sitting on the train wearing black boots, black pants, a black jacket and a black ski mask covering his head? Nobody would sit near him.... I was looking for a Kerouac quote to use as a signature for a forum I post on. I found a pretty good one: "Whither goest thou, America, in thy shiny car in the night?" That's from On the Road, of course.... A strange news report on TV tonight: high-end jewelers are starting to make jewelry out of steel because the price of gold and other precious metals has gone up so much. Stainless steel. Maybe I can melt down some pots and pans, or cut them up with tin snips and sell the scrap to Tiffany.... Why don't I.... uncover the oocyte's secrets?

Monday, December 17, 2007

My New CD

Whatever Price You Want to Pay

My band is Knives Out and our new album is Encarta.

  1. Young Jin Moon
  2. Bald Rock National Park
  3. Walter Midener
  4. Julia Beloglazova
  5. National University of Samoa
  6. Northern Patagonian Ice Field
  7. Pararectal fossa
  8. Hampton-in-Arden
  9. Chinese historiography
  10. Archaeological theory
  11. Basketball statistics
  12. Hugh Gavin
  13. Rashtreeya Vidyalaya College of Engineering
  14. 1918 in organized crime
  15. Bruce Smeaton

This was autogenerated from random Wikipedia article names. Get your own Wikipedia Album.

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Word of the Day: antimacassar

Word of the Day

antimacassar (n) [anti-maCASS-ar]

An embroidered, doily-like cover to protect the back or arms of furniture

"The feathers of the bird of paradise swept her shoulder -- the one that was higher than the other -- and mingled with the wheels of the white antimacassar."
--Susie F. Harrison, Crowded Out

I remember my grandmother's stuffed chairs having antimacassars, though I didn't know what they were called back then. I always thought they were just for decoration, but it seems they served a purpose back when men oiled their hair. Without them, the greasy stuff would stain the furniture when they leaned back against the upholstery -- to light their pipes or whatever.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Christmas Message from William Shatner

A Christmas Message from William Shatner

(from the "song" -- actually a dramatic reading -- "It Hasn't Happened Yet")

I was crossing the snow fields
In front of the Capital building.
It was Christmas, and I was alone.
Strange city.
Strangers for friends.
And I was broke.

As the carollon sang its song
I dreamt of success.
I would be the best.
I would make my folks proud.
I would be happy...

- It hasn't happened yet
- It hasn't happened yet
- It hasn't happened

Yes, there are nods in my direction
Clap of hands
The knowing smile
But still
I'm scared again

Foot slipped
Pebbles fall and so did I
- Almost
(Oh my)
On Yosemite
The big grey wall
(Fear of falling)
Where to put my foot next
(Fear of failure)
I'm afraid I'm going to fall
(Be at one with the mountain)
I whispered in the air
(Fear of falling, fear of falling, fear of failure...Failure)
Fear of losing my hair
(Falling, falling, falling...)
When is the mountain scaled?
When do I feel I haven't failed?
I've got to get it together, man
(It hasn't happened yet)

- It hasn't happened yet
- It hasn't happened yet
- It hasn't happened

People come up and say hello
I can get to the front of the line
But you have to ignore the looks
And... yet
I'm waiting for that feeling of contentment
That ease at night when you put your head down
And the rhythms slow to sleep

My head sways
And eyes start awake
I'm there not halfway between sleep and death
But looking into
Eyes wide open
Trying to remember
What I might have done
Should have done

At my age
I need serenity
I need peace

- It hasn't happened yet
- It hasn't happened yet
- It hasn't happened yet
- It hasn't happened

--William Shatner

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Mailer for Mayor

Campaign Mailer

Norman Mailer, who died recently, ran for mayor of New York in 1969. You can see his very 1960s-ish campaign poster, designed as a map of "The 51st State" (i.e., New York City) at: Mailer for Mayor. All it lacks is a yellow submarine in the Hudson River.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Word of the Day: vilipensive

Word of the Day

vilipensive (adj)


"[T]ime was when even Rhedycina's learned bowers
resounded to strains not simply laudative of Oporto,
but vituperative and vilipensive of Bourdeaux."
--Sir Morgan O'Doherty

Try accusing someone of being "vilipensive of Bourdeaux" today. Make them scurry for the dictionary!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Random Acts of Poetry: Christmas List

Random Acts of Poetry

My Xmas List

The drugged buzzing of winter flies
spiraling downward in a dream.

Loons in some Scandinavian night,
the woods full of moose.

An old ship, crossing the ocean,
cold waves slapping steel.

The sky pricked by stars
and exhaling frost.

A blaze of leaves dieing in a bonfire,
salting warm stones with ash.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

anachronistic typography in movies


Don't we humans have enough to worry about without brooding over anachronistic typography in movies? It's "certainly not one of the world's pressing problems," admits the nitpicking author of the linked article, which includes screenshot examples. There are odder things to obsess over, of course, like the purring of cats: purrcast.