Thursday, September 22, 2011

Search Party

Here are a few recent search queries that brought seekers to this temple of scribomania.

 sell his own mother down the river

You have to wonder why someone would be searching for this phrase. And what the going rate is for a mom in wherever "down the river" is. New Orleans? I guess I could find out on Craigslist....

inside of white album

I believe there are secret, back-masked messages inside the White Album. They are telling me to hold my head up, free my mind, and come out and play in the road.

michael gates new jersey

Google reveals that I am number-one for this search phrase, even though there are seven people with that name in the Garden State. I wonder how often the others search for their own names and then land on my page -- and then want to change their names.

prism sun glass door

= Rainbows!

watermelon armed

Watermelons, dropped from a height, can indeed be deadly weapons in the hands of frat boys. Bombs away!

drawing body parts

Drawing people is so hard. I wish I could draw my proximal phalanges....

humerous tombstone suggestions

Try this one, carved on a tombstone in Wiltshire, England:

Blown upward
out of sight:
He sought the leak
by candlelight

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