Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Random Sequence

The cat sprang forward and bit Ivan on the hand. He screamed and instinctively flinched, banging his head, hard, on one of the metal slats that held the bed springs.

He pulled his head out from under the bed, feeling dazed. Cleo was nowhere to be seen again, and Ivan felt dizzy. He decided to lie down on the bed for a minute and consider his strategy.

As he lay back, could hear the cat mewing off in the distance, somewhere in the apartment. "Probably scared to death," Ivan thought, closing his eyes. The mewing was getting louder, and it seemed to be changing in pitch and frequency. It was even beginning to sound a little like a voice. "Crazy," Ivan thought. But it did sound like a tiny, high-pitched voice, mixed with meows, like a feline Munchkin talking. He could even make out words....
--from "Catching the Cat" (by me)

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