Monday, February 02, 2015

Word of the Day: pilgarlic

pilgarlic [pil-GAR-lik] (noun) [TWITO, page 112]

A bald head; someone regarded with slight or mock pity

"'I'm not going to scold, and you know it,' he answered quietly. 'I thought you had made up your mind to remain at home, for once. Now comes this new pilgarlic and orders you off again to Florida. On what excuse?'"
--Philip Verrill Mighels, The Pillars of Eden (1909)

I saw a bald-headed, couture-clad woman walking on Fifth Avenue one day. Typically for New York City, no one seemed to take much notice. (I did, but I’m an enthusiastic people-watcher.) You have to wonder what the motivation is for a seemingly healthy young woman to shave her head. Men, natural pilgarlics, often go to great lengths, and great expense, to avoid the chrome-dome look. And women spend huge amounts of time and money on their manes.

According to a blog I read after performing a Google search related to this quandary, the best reason for a woman to shave her head is "to prove that she is beautiful." So, no more distracting locks taking attention away from a pretty face--and no more hiding a plain one behind a gorgeous mop. It's brave and honest, I guess. But somehow I don't think the Rogaine company has anything to worry about.

jack frost

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