Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Link Mania: Are you a comiconomenclaturist?

23 Notoriously Unrhymable Words (That Actually Have Rhymes)
Still waiting for a word to rhyme with "orange", though.


15 Words That Belong in Every Grandparent's Vocabulary
Send this to your grandma. Includes "afflatus" (TWITO, page 12), "fanfaronade" (page 52), "gravid" (page 63), "vercordious" (page 154), and "wamble" (page 159). But my favorite here is "comiconomenclaturist".


Background checks: everyday words with legal records
They forgot "briefs".


11 Strange Movie Job Titles—Explained!
In Hollywood, a woman can be the "best boy".

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