Thursday, May 07, 2015

Random Sequence: raillery

"'Poor fellow!' interrupted Jocelyn. 'What a pitiable case--absolute destitution of any rational occupation! What can we do to reward your past suffering?' Earl smiled at Jocelyn's good-humored raillery...."
--Margaret Hunter Grant, "Unto the End", in Godey's Lady's Book and Magazine, June 1864

(I found a bound copy of several issues of Godey's in my basement and have been flipping through the dusty pages.)

raillery (adjective) = good-natured teasing or banter

I used to think raillery referred to railing against something (i.e., to complain or protest strongly). Odd that it means something quite different.

The weird thing about this bound copy of Godey's (an American magazine) is that the issues are all from the 1860s, and there is not a single mention anywhere of the American Civil War.

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