Monday, August 10, 2015

Link Mania: Don't Be a 'Windy-Wallets'

The 20 Weirdest Words Added to the Dictionary Because of Technology
Srsly, is fat finger your First-World problem?


14 Victorian Insults to Unleash in Casual Conversation
Don't be a "windy-wallets". (Time is money.) Includes "gongoozler" [TWITO, page 62]. It's not polite to stare!


10 Common Crossword Puzzle Words You Should Know
These "common" words include "asea", "iambi", and "smee". That last one has nothing to do with Captain Hook. I guess you could say "psst" is common -- if you do a lot of whispering.


21 Interesting Words from David Foster Wallace's Vocabulary List
David Forster Wallace's writing was a cornucopia of unusual and interesting words. My favorites here are "privity", "tarantism", and "afterclap".

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