Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Story Cubes 8: Waning

It was four o'clock and already dark on that wintry day. My eye was nearly touching the telescope lens as I squinted at the moon. Then my cell phone bleeped. Was it her? She'd vanished months ago without saying good-bye. Was it her? That was the constant question mark that hooked me like a fish every time the phone rang. When I answered, it was a female voice saying "hello?" I smiled, and a little shock of surprise and momentary hope traveled up my spine like an electric insect. "Nadia?" I said. But it wasn't her. Just a woman reminding me about an upcoming dental appointment. "Thanks," I said and hung up. I stamped my foot, because my feet were getting cold, but also out of frustration. The moon was waning, and so was my patience.

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