Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wandering Word Thoughts

A great German word is "Backpfeifengesicht", meaning "a face you badly want to punch".

Hooray for "yarooh" and other backwards words! According to the Oxford English Dictionary, "yarooh" is "a humorous stylized representation of a cry of pain."

Don't you just love some good "semordnilap"? (Read it backwards!)

Yes, we need a word that means "To move hot food around in your mouth". It's "pelinti", a Ghanian word.

TWITO, page 60: "Only Desmond’s gelastic comments made the tedious seminar bearable." "Gelastic" means "pertaining to laughter".

YYUR; YYUB. ICUR YY4me. Or are you?

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