Thursday, June 29, 2006

Random Thoughts

Consciousness Streaming

I'm wondering what it means to dream about finding a large insect in your bathtub... There's lots to do at a water park. But swimming isn't one of them... Watched the movie Troy on HBO in our motel room recently (nothing better to do). So did they actually have blond, surfer-dude-looking guys in ancient Greece? And, no matter how hot she was, why fight a war over Helen? (Though, admittedly, that's at least a reason, something the Iraq war apparently lacks)... What would happen if you sent a werewolf to the moon?... Someone told me yesterday that all paper currency in the United States has minute traces of heroin and cocaine powder on it -- so not to put it in my mouth. I don't know how credible this factoid is, and it never occurred to me to put money in my mouth anyway. But could you become addicted to stuffing money in your pie hole?... Why don't I... drive in one direction until I reach the ocean?

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