Saturday, September 02, 2006

Consciousness Streaming

Consciousness Streaming

Wind, rain and October temperatures--happy Labor Day Weekend!... Bus, train, bus, train--being carless over the last couple of days (the spouse needed it) has given me a new appreciation for driving to work, despite the low-grade torture of Northern New Jersey traffic and high gas prices. What takes 45 minutes by car takes almost two hours by public transportation, thanks largely to a rattletrap bus that seems to stop at every other block. Oh well. At least I got a lot of reading done... What happens to a chameleon if it crawls across a mirror?... JC Fridays is coming 'round again -- a day of free art events here in the JC, held quarterly. Daylight Gallery, for example, is showing "Transformations: artists, musicians, singers and poets explore transformation -- experience and meaning." Apparently, this will include some photographs by the fine Jim Legge... Why don't I... Put on some really comfortable shoes. Walk somewhere in them. Remember to take an umbrella...

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