Friday, September 29, 2006

Consciousness Streaming

Consciousness Streaming (steaming... screaming...)

On the radio right now: "I Forgot to Remember to Forget," an early Beatles tune (but not written by them, I think). Great title, though.... Last weekend was action packed: I attended a memorial service for a friend's father, followed by two Hitchcock movies at the Loew's (Rope and Vertigo), then, on Sunday, a seminar-type thingee at the Jersey City Museum about "independent publishing" -- which is sort of what I'm doing here, no? I want to do nothing this weekend, except sleep and do errands and replace some of the burnt-out light bulbs around here. That type of thing.... So, Congross has decided to give Fearless Leader the power to lock up anybody he has a "mind" to as an "enemy combatant" and throw away the key, at least for the duration of our endless "war on terrah." When did I fall down the rabbit hole?

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