Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Complete Idiot's Guide (random thoughts)

The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Way I Feel

At the Willowbrook Mall today: a huge crowd of people, all ages and sizes. I had to bob and weave and (yes) twist and turn as I made my way to the record store. (That sounds almost quaint now, doesn't it? Record store? They will all be out of business soon, I suppose, or they will only exist online as virtual stores.) A woman with bleached, cotton-candy hair and thick, pancake makeup was barking orders to a clerk -- the manager, apparently. I couldn't find the CD I was looking for and asked her if they might have it in stock. She suddenly became apologetic and sweet; no, they don't have it. Nuts. I will probably have to download it and make my own CD to give as an Xmas gift..... On PBS tonight: "Xmas with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir," with special guest...that opera singer. Can't think of her name now -- Fleming? Rhonda Fleming? Something like that. Her voice was spectacular, but way too polished and professional sounding for all the old Xmas chestnuts. Like driving a Maserati to the corner store to pick up some eggnog..... Then there was a program about artistic depictions of Mary through the ages, as the "perfect woman, the perfect mother." If there was a Mary, she was, in my opinion, a teenager who was kicked out of town for getting unwed pregnant and had to have her baby in a barn. I doubt it had anything to do with a census or taxes. I imagine her as a religious fanatic convinced that there had to be some divine reason why God would put her in such a pickle. Poor Joseph; I'm sure he didn't know what to think..... Bush's solution to the Iraq fiasco is to (drum roll) send more troops. Dig the hole deeper. Can't retreat. Must save face. How many lives is Bush's face worth, I wonder..... Why don't I... wrap gifts before Xmas eve? I'm not a last-minute shopper, just a last-minute wrapper. There might be an Xmas hip-hop song in that....

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