Sunday, December 31, 2006

Sorry to Disappoint

Looking for love in all the wrong places

Recent search-engine queries that have brought seekers here:

kinky twist instructions

I get this one a lot. I think it has something to do with hairstyles.

greek vases homunculus

Speaking of kinky, some of those ancient Greek vases featured, uh, interesting artwork. I don't recall ever seeing a homunculus on one, however. Don't recall discussing Greek vases here before, either, for that matter. I think I used "homunculus" once in a poem, though.

Ricardo Blaustein

Sounds familiar. I can't place him right now, but his name has no doubt appeared here in some context.

Amit Chaudhuri

No idea who he is, though that doesn't mean his name hasn't popped up here. I've quoted a lot of people.

Agnes vacuum cleaner

I don't know who she is. Yeah, yeah, I know: "But, gee, I'd like to meet her."

love lust lies

I get this one almost every day, for some reason. Some AOL person. If only I had more to write about along those lines, I'm sure I'd get a lot more hits.

werewolf names generator

How about...Wolfgang?

gunnison exhibitionists

Gunnison Beach is the famous/infamous nude beach on the Jersey Shore (or "down the shore" as you're supposed to say). I did visit it once, briefly and entirely by accident (honest), and wrote about it here. I imagine this person was looking for pictures, though. Sorry to disappoint!

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