Monday, July 02, 2007

Word of the Day: Gobemouche

Word of the Day

gobemouche (n)

A fly swallower (a type of bird); by extension, someone who keeps his mouth open -- i.e., a silly and credulous person.

"The sweepstakes people had unearthed a true gobemouche in Cassandra. Every time she got a piece of junk mail telling her she had 'already won a million dollars,' she hopped on a plane and flew down to their headquarters to pick up her nonexistent winnings."
--Peter Novobatzky, Insulting English

Ever have a bug fly into your mouth? This is an intensely icky feeling. Good source of protein, though, I've heard. But I believe this is one of those rare occasions when it is considered permissible to spit in public.

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