Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Way I Feel

Freaked. I was at a party last night where a couple of people that I don't remember ever meeting (doesn't necessarily mean I never did) greeted me by name. This happens every once in a while, and always makes me fantasize about having a computer chip in my head that would prompt me with the name of every person I lay eyes on. I'm sure it will be possible someday, along with the ability to surf the web in one's head -- another favorite fantasy.

Amused. The new issue of Weird, N.J. has arrived. (And I heard one of the editors interviewed on WFMU today.) There's something oddly comforting (not to mention entertaining) when reading about the experiences of people who visit haunted hotels, build 15-foot models of the Twin Towers in their backyards, see mysterious triangles in the sky, and encounter big, red-eyed monsters along lonely New Jersey roadsides at 3 A.M. They make me feel... normal (if a little boring) but also proud to be living in a state where such unusual things occur/seem to occur. Who knows?

Amused II. Why do people on the Internets keep saying they don't understand what David Lynch's Mulholland Drive is about, or what is going on in that film? To me it seems rather obvious -- much more so than in his Lost Highway or, God knows, Inland Empire. It's not just about objective reality, geniuses, it's about wishful dreams and what goes on in someone's head, and how different that can be from "reality". How appropriate that it is set in Tinsel Town. It's probably the best movie ever about Hollyweird, with the possible exception of Sunset Boulevard (notice the similarity in titles).

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