Monday, May 19, 2014

Random Sequence

"A shudder of indescribable terror ran over me, and though not cowardly by nature, a cold sweat stood on my forehead. I tried to speak, but could not utter a word; I tried to walk, but my limbs refused to obey my will. At last, imagining myself to be the object of some trick, I adjured the spirit to speak, threatening to fire upon it unless it answered my challenge."
--from "A Ghost Story", translated from the French by Mrs. Annie T. Wood, in Godey's Lady Book and Magazine, April 1864

(I found a bound copy of Godey's in my basement and have been flipping through the dusty pages.)

Interesting how the terror is "indescribable" and then the author proceeds to describe it. "Adjure" is a an interesting word, not much used these days. It means to command solemnly or to entreat earnestly. But try telling a ghost to do anything. They just won't listen! And I doubt they are afraid of guns.

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