Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TWITO is "the Opposite of Atrabilious!"

Here is one of my favorite reviews of my book on Amazon, by someone named "Grampy", who made a verified purchase (bless him!):

The Opposite of Atrabilious!

"The Word I'm Thinking Of" by Michael Gates is a foudroyant, often gelastic lexicography of polysyllabic perspicacity. I don't wish to obnubilate, nor do I want to be rebarbative, but "The Word I'm Thinking Of" will remedy your hebetudinous nescience, allowing you to be the sciolist your Mother always thought you should be.

Allow me to enucleate. Michael Gates is no blatherskite. Au contraire, Mon ami. Nor does he bloviate like a common blatteroon. And "The Word I'm Thinking Of" is neither gasconade nor glaikery. No longer will you feel threatened by an invidious, gormless gowk or peccant killcow. This luciferous tome will help you peregrinate from stultiloquence to puissance in short order.

Do not think I am ultracrepidarian, or spouting ugsome tushery. Nor am I a mendacious makebate. If ataraxia is your goal, "The Word I'm Thinking Of" provides an anfractuous desideratum. I recommend it for your personal edification, or just for jocularity. Eschew obfuscation! Kthxbye.

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