Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Link Mania: Is Your Witenagemot Pyknic?

The 20 least known words in English
Including "pyknic" (TWITO, page 118) and "witenagemot" (TWITO, page 162). Other than those, I don't know any of these... yet. Do you?


10 Fabulous German Words With No English Equivalent
Including "weltschmerz" (TWITO, page 161).


30 Funny Words With Almost Serious Meanings
Including "bumbershoot" (TWITO, page 24), "taradiddle" (TWITO, page 145), "tatterdemalion" (TWITO, page 146), "gobemouche" (TWITO, page 61), and "mumpsimus" (TWITO, page 92).


A book by any other name
Two of the other names listed here are "diegesis" (TWITO, page 41) and "incunabulum" (TWITO, page 72).

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