Monday, June 30, 2014

Random Sequence: Time Traveling Brussels Sprout?

Book description of the day:

"It is the year 2060 and oh no! The world is going to end again! In 1977 Elvis Presley faked his own death and set off on a journey into the future with his best friend Barry the Time Traveling Brussels Sprout. Mr Presley's mission: seek out and destroy The Antichrist .... Meanwhile in 2060 Rex Mundi seems happy enough. He is married to Jesus Christ's twin sister Christeen, has a talking hippy dog named Fido and a very nice house in the country. If it wasn’t for that great big spaceship that someone has parked on his lawn, Rex would have very little to complain about. And so begins They Came and Ate Us...."

In my job, I read -- and edit -- stuff like this quite frequently.

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