Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Much Ado about NOTHING

Last weekend I bought a 35mm Canon SLR camera for five bucks at a local flea market. Why was it so cheap? It's a film camera. Nobody, except some high-end professional and art photographers, shoots film today, and I certainly don't. I bought the thing, which was sitting in a cardboard box along with an 8mm movie camera and some other obsolete photographic equipment, as a prop. It will be part of my Halloween costume this year, if I decide to dress up as a tourist again (complete with Hawaiian shirt and other tacky accessories). I was pleased to find it at such a reasonable price, but it does make me sad to see such a fine instrument sitting on a shelf, completely unusable, like some precious antique. I like photography, and I have some slight talent in that direction I think, but I would never have the patience for film. Not in this era of digital instantaneous... eurekas.

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