Tuesday, September 02, 2014

TWITO News: Free Audiobook

Listen up, logophiles! Did you know that my book, The Word I'm Thinking Of, is also available as an audiobook, voiced by the talented Narrator Jack? It's available from Audible.com, and I have 25 complimentary copies to give away. Leave a Comment here, and I'll send you a code to use to download your free copy from Audible.


  1. I'd really love to listen to an audible.com version of your book. I swim a mile a day and like to listen to books while I do it. This book sounds like fun.

  2. Thanks, Susan. I've sent the code for your free audiobook to your Google+ address.

  3. Michael Gates,

    I've just purchased a print copy of your erudite compendium and I would love a free audiobook!

    Michael James Gates

    1. Hi Michael. Please send an email to gatesmichael at verizon dot net, and I'll reply with the code.

  4. Michael, I'd love to have a copy of your audiobook. Thanks!


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