Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Link Mania: lexiphanicism forever!

How Many Words for Snow?
Try to avoid "snirt" and don't get stuck in a "barchan".

snow iron


9 Words About Beginnings
Includes "incunabula", the plural form of "incunabulum" (TWITO, page 72). You won't find many incunabula on Amazon.


Big Words Can Come in Small Packages
Sixty more ways to indulge your lexiphanicism! Includes "benthic" (variant of "benthos", (TWITO, page 20) and "preterist" (TWITO, page 115).


15 Maniacs and What They're Obsessed With
Do you grind your teeth while trying to make a decision? Included here are variants of "bruxing" (TWITO, page 24) and "aboulomania" (TWITO, page 9).


Learning New Words Activates The Same Brain Regions As Sex And Drugs
This explains a lot.

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