Friday, January 16, 2015

Twitter Litter (by me)

The most famous living philosopher in contemporary America is apparently Shia LeBeouf.

If you say someone is "low man on the totem pole", is that offensive to Native Americans?

I need a new vacuum cleaner. Our old one sucks -- not! Any recommendations?

I have seen "The Interview". Don't tell any North Koreans.

Santa, send some negative ions down my chimney.

There's nothing I enjoy more than untangling strings of Xmas tree lights--except then finding that they don't light.

Odd request of the day: "Please vacuum the Christmas tree."

On my literary wish list: 'The Strange Library' by Murakami. That would be a good title for my entire book collection.

I've decided to name my coffee table "tsundoku", the Japanese word for a pile of unread books.

Talking to people at a loud party can be amusing. "We went to a tapas bar," he said. "You went to a topless bar??" I asked.

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