Sunday, July 26, 2015

Link Mania: 'Uvula' Makes Me Gag

34 interjections you should be using
Prove your bravery by saying "geewillikers!" instead of "wow" or OMG.


18 Fancy Words for Specific Shapes
Have you ever seen a flying acetabuliform? And: "If it looks like a grain of barley, it’s hordeiform." Remember that next time you see something shaped like a grain of barley.


11 words we should start using more often
Including "mumpsimus" (TWITO, page 92). Here's wishing you a "eucatastrophe". But will you remember these "overmorrow"?


10 words for body parts that you probably didn’t know
Including "gowpen" (TWITO, page 63). Did you know you had one of those? And "uvula"? It makes me gag.

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