Monday, July 13, 2015

Story Cubes 4: Soaring Eagle

"Time to go on", Dillon thought, glancing at the clock. He finished applying his makeup, put on his costume -- which mostly consisted of a loincloth -- and reluctantly left the makeshift dressing room. He got into the elevator and pressed L for the lobby, where the temporary stage had been erected in this tenantless office building. Community theater in this theaterless town had to set up wherever free space was offered, and this play, called "Scales of Justice", would be lucky to break even, no matter how much manipulating of the abacus the volunteers did. The flat at the back of the stage had been freshly painted with a rainbow, he noted with disdain. Dillon adjusted his war bonnet and got into the paper teepee. "Native American stereotypes. Uhg!" he moaned, thinking about his lines. "Even if it is about tribal justice. For this I went to drama school?" As the curtain rose, though, the ragtag audience gave the tableau a big hand. He picked up his bow and arrow, and once again the miracle occurred. He became Chief Soaring Eagle.

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