Tuesday, August 01, 2006

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Dazzle your eyes with a huge collection of very strange statues from around the world.


If you ever fly (on an airplane, I mean), you're probably familiar with the Skymall catalog of practical and, shall we say, unique items. Here's an amusing run-down of Skymall's 10 Worst Products.

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To coincide with the 50th anniversary of the novel's publication, a new version of On the Road, based on Kerouac's "scroll," will be published next year as a book, says The Boston Globe. According to the article, the "scroll" includes several passages cut from previously published versions, as well as a different first sentence and a more abrupt ending. "A cocker spaniel owned by one of Kerouac's friends apparently ate the last section, according to Jim Canary, the head of special collections conservation at Indiana University's Lilly Library."

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Give me that old-time surrealism: RaShOmoN offers a vintage YouTube video.

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"When people wait for methods of public transportation they stare in the direction from which the train, or bus will come. It's as if they believe that by staring they can will an earlier arrival. Watched pots do boil and watched for trains and buses do arrive. Only the experience of time for the person staring shifts around." Fatshadow waits for the bus.

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