Thursday, August 03, 2006

Random Acts of Poetry

Random Acts of Poetry

Jersey City Jimmy

Jersey City Jimmy jabbered with a jolly journeyman
who filled his head with fancies of a funny fly-by-night
to soothe the city's senses and its pity-party plight.

Jersey City Jimmy jibed and joined a jiggy juggler,
a flim-flam fellow who taught riddles, rhymes and repartee,
a model mentor till Jim was jazzed for a jamboree.

Jersey City Jimmy jim-jammed with jokers and jackals
till the cranky crowd he courted began to boo and bleat,
and he felt the fearsome folly of that dirty city heat.

Jersey City Jimmy jitter-bugged his way to Journal Square,
fell into a frothy fountain with a frenzied foolish frown,
then caught a train for the towers of a taller terror town.


Blame it on the heat.

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