Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Word of the Day: chaogenous

chaogenous (adj)

Arising out of chaos.

"Then soon chaogenous dreams of revenge were fuming in his serpent brain, the last of his sanity burned out, and he called her to him."
--John Gardner, Jason and Medeia

I'm a believer in contained chaos. I stuff all my snail mail, junk and otherwise, into an antique roll-top desk in the living room, always with the intention of going through it and throwing all the flotsam away on the weekend. But I rarely get to it. Still, I know where to find it. When I open the desk, it all looks chaotic, but it's contained.

It's the same with my closet, which is really too cramped to accommodate my entire wardrobe of dotcom-casual classics, not to mention some more formal attire. So I usually just throw the apparel that doesn't ever need to look as if it has met with a hanger or a drawer -- like the sweats I sleep in -- on the closet floor. It's a chaotic heap of garments, but it's out of site... contained. This is how I finesse my mess.

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