Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Head Rattle


Surreal moment of the day: Looking out of a 15th-floor window at work, I thought I saw huge billows of smoke coming from the Empire State Building -- an eerie 9/11 moment. But it turned out, on closer examination, to be an optical illusion. It was steam from a smokestack that was in perfect alignment between the building I work in and the ESB. Creepy.


A gift I had ordered online for someone way before Xmas arrived today. I had completely forgotten about it. Odd that it took so long. Oh well. Looks like the Easter bunny is going to delivering more than just candy this year.


Overheard: Someone said today that they would give fifty bucks to anyone who could make me laugh. Apparently, I'm not yuking it up enough these days. It brought up an odd old memory: as a kid I had one of those little toy gadgets that would play a recording of someone laughing hysterically whenever you pressed its button. I think it was called the Laugh Box or the Laugh Bag. My brother and I used to use it to make crank calls. Such fun. I should try to find one again and carry it with me always.

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