Monday, August 22, 2011

The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Way I Feel

Silly: Pressed the wrong elevator button this morning out of habit (my desk has migrated to a new floor), and I think the other person on the elevator, who works on the same new floor, noticed. He gave me a funny look. I need to practice mindfulness.

French and pooped: Copy-edited/proofread a 96-page report about banking regs and economic conditions in France over the weekend, as a freelance project. Le travail loigne de nous trois grands maux: l'ennui, le vice et le besoin. (Voltaire)

Amused: But perhaps I shouldn't be. About his new solo album, Crazy Clown Time, to be released in November, David Lynch has this to say here: "There were so many accidents.... This album should be in the hospital."

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