Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Word of the Day: wallydrag

wallydrag (n)

A useless person.

"Where's straightforward rational thought these days, eh? Where's Logos? I'll tell you where! Eaten. They're all in the stomachs of wallydrags and mollycoddles. That's where. Ignominiously digesting and becoming great moronic turds."
--Andrée Connors, Amateur People

I don't know anyone who is truly useless, although I can think of several "You get paid for this?" type jobs that I regularly observe. For example, the four or five robust cops who are always "on duty" at the train station at rush hour. All they do is eyeball the throngs descending from the escalators. Looking for terrorists, I presume. Occasionally, they will invite (forcefully) someone over to a table and ask the person to open his backpack or briefcase. Then they quickly peruse the lunch bag, laptop, or whatnot within before politely informing the guy that he can be on his merry way. It seems to be random -- perhaps every hundredth commuter or so, usually males, it seems, but otherwise there is no disernable profiling going on. I've been through it myself -- though of course I DO look extremely iniquitous. It's dull police work, so often they are simply standing around gabbing with each other while they surveil. Sometimes there are more cops present, sometimes less, depending on the threat level, I suppose. Leading up to "the day", I expect to see a larger and larger blue-man group.

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