Monday, August 15, 2011

Word of the Day: vecordious

vecordious (adj)

Mad, crazy, senseless.

"He is frustrated, so he strikes out at me. He persists in thinking I'm some vecordious husband with no wife to his name sitting here alone at the top of the city in the midst of music...."
--James David Landis, Lying in Bed

Much could be said about the vecordious Congressional machinations recently displayed in Washington, DC, but I prefer to comment on events closer to home.

I was in a fast-food restaurant the other day (yes, I do patronize such places at times, especially if in a hurry) when an elderly crazy lady walked in and started yelling at another woman, who was sitting, alone, at a table enjoying her lunch. They seemed to know each other. The crazy lady wasn't angry; she was just talking much too loud for a public place. And she was full of advice, telling the other woman to be sure to bring her own toilet paper when using a public restroom, to do background checks on her neighbors, to always be sure to carry enough money for bus fare, and so on.

The other woman replied minimally, in a soft voice, I suppose to encourage the crazy lady to pipe down, and tried to continue eating her lunch. The whole restaurant was staring. But the harangue continued, until the other woman finally got up and hurried out of the restaurant. I felt sorry for her, and worried that the crazy lady would turn to me next. But instead she went into the restroom and stayed there until someone started banging on the door. "I'll be out in a minute!" she screamed, adding that everyone should bring their own toilet paper. She didn't sound angry, just LOUD. And vecordious. And that's my pointless story for today.

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