Friday, August 19, 2011

Word of the Day: embuggerance

embuggerance (n)

A small, annoying problem.

"Wes couldn't stop thinking of poor Vikki. Where was she... was she ok... was she even alive? He didn't even know how he would go about finding her. To add to all this, he had the embuggerance of assisting the police with their enquiries, which would inevitably hold up his own search. Nevertheless he climbed into the waiting squad car, which took him down to the station."
--Steve Harman, 2 Slice Toaster

My "first world" embuggerances:

~~~Went out for lunch today with workmates and had to wait 30 minutes to be served.
~~~Opossums living in my backyard shed.
~~~My backyard apple tree is shedding wormy, inedible apples that must be collected before I can mow what I laughingly call my lawn.
~~~One of my zebras died. (That's a type of tropical fish.)
~~~Our bathroom door sticks and has to be physically assaulted to close properly.

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