Monday, July 04, 2011

Photo of the Week: July 4th Edition

flags 2

It's Independence Day, which means my super-patriotic neighbors will be flying their 14 Stars and Stripes from every flagstaff and finial. Apparently, all of their flags are machine-washable and drip-dry, so here's a shot of their freshly laundered Old Glories drying on a rack in their backyard yesterday.

Actually, I just made that up. This is a photo I snapped at the Bouckville Antiques Fair last August. Somebody was selling flags, though not superannuated ones by the looks of them. Stay tuned; I'll be attending Bouckville again next month and undoubtedly finding more wiggy whatnot to shutterbug.

Enjoy your barbecue, or however you celebrate our severance from the Mother Country.

(Click the pic for a close-up view and to pledge your allegiance.)

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