Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mind the Gap 5 (London Trip)

Keeping it short, because I need to go to bed. Today, met with some friendly colleagues at the UK offices of the company I work for, which I've never seen before. They're in a beautiful Victorian building and have a bright, cheerful, modern office with some (non-working?) antique fireplaces. Took photos. Then we took the Tube to Spitalfields (weird name) Market, to look over vendors of lots of interesting crafts and antique whatnot. Saw some stuffed foxes with bared teeth that cost 150 pounds each, for example. Then off to Paddington Station to catch a train to the suburb of Reading (pronounced Redding) for my wyfe's reunion -- she did a year abroad at the University of Reading while in college. Met many of her friends at the reception. Reading is an English town that, judging from the architecture, gives new meaning to the word "quaint". [By the way, it's actually midnight here as I'm writing this -- these posts have US time stamps.]

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