Monday, July 11, 2011

Mind the Gap 2 (London Trip)

Spent some time in "The Clink" today -- literally; it's the name of a centuries-old London prison where people were manacled, beaten and tortured in various inventive ways. Went on a walking tour during which we heard much about the horrors of Victorian/Dickensian London -- knew about that already, but interesting to see the sites. Tour guide was terrific, a classic Brit type in her 70s (?) who did voices and walked very fast. Climbed many narrow, winding stairs to see the Operations Museum -- how they used to operate on people without anesthesia or sanitation, sawing off limbs, etc. Shivers. Lunched at Swiggins sandwich emporium. Visited the Southwark Cathedral and The Monument. More Tubing. Visited Starbucks and attempted to get online, but my wyfe can't remember her Starbucks password [eye roll]. The wi-fi doesn't work here at the hotel, despite what they promised, but luckily there is a (slow) public access connection. Had dinner at the famous Troubadour this evening, where there was a poetry reading going on. Loving the street and Tube signs: "Look Left", "Give Way" (i.e. "Yield"), "Mind Your Head", "60 Yards of Humps Ahead", and of course, "Way Out".

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