Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Word of the Day: sarnie

sarnie (n)

A sandwich (chiefly British).

"'I'll make myself a sarnie.' She searched in the fridge, though Sheila knew she would find nothing more than some old cheddar and a few tomatoes. Eugenia rattled the bottom of the stove and turned around, flourishing the frying pan. 'An egg and bacon sarnie, that's what I'll have. I won't be making you one, though, not with you pigging out on peanut biscuits.' Sheila hid a smile. Mum's favorite food was fat and she knew she would pour the bacon fat over the plate. Who knew how hard her arteries were by this time? Probably clogged."
--Jo-Anne Southern, Keeping Mum

When we (me and the wyfe) had "high tea" at the British Museum, they served us sarnies -- little finger sandwiches with the crusts cut off. Watercress or something. So twee. Then they served us tea from tea bags, which I thought was a bit odd, given that everything else about the menu and setting was posh. But what do I know? Maybe HM the Queen dunks a bag in her cup these days. The quality of tea time is not strained....

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