Saturday, July 30, 2011

Word of the Day: luciferous

luciferous (adj)

1. bringing or providing light
2. providing insight or enlightenment

"But few beaches in the world are as splendid, few populations as accomplished and photogenic. Its luciferous late-afternoon light can otherwise be found only in the Greek islands. Of course, getting to and from Crete might be easier."
--"The Hamptons", New York magazine

One of the most essential things I brought with me on vacation was a flashlight -- a rechargeable flashlight with a bulb luciferous enough to illuminate an entire room. It proved handy on the night we blew a fuse at the hotel (more like a B&B) in London by trying to plug in a power strip with our US outlet adapter. (The electrical system is different in England.) The hotel was completely flummoxed by this turn of events; the doltish French desk clerk said they had to call in an electrician (just to replace a fuse or flip a circuit-breaker switch?). So we spent a night without power, except that my powerful flashlight enabled us to find our PJs, brush our teeth, and get into bed without bumping into the furniture.

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