Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mind the Gap 4 (London Trip)

More traipsing and Tubing: visited additional "Bentley" sites (including an antique shop with a nice talkative proprietor), did a little more of the bus tour, visited the Victoria and Albert museum briefly, went on a Beatles walking tour that took us to 3 Savile Row (again), Carnaby Street (which isn't what it used to be), and Abbey Road -- where I crossed the road right where "they" did, while stopping traffic. The studio there, which does not give tours, was covered with scaffolding and blue tarps. Lots of graffiti on the wall outside. We had high tea at the British Museum (it's not just broken-nosed statues there...), and finished up by attending the rock musical We Will Rock You tonight, based on the music of the group Queen. It was loud, flashy, and the audience was wildly enthusiastic. What happened to British reserve? Got back to the hotel and promptly blew a fuse in our room. Now waiting for the electrician as I type this on battery power. Cheers.....

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