Monday, July 18, 2011

Mind the Gap 9 (London & England Trip)

Back in the U ess of Ayy.

Hung out at Heathrow for most of the day, because we had to check out at Reading University by 9:30 AM, our flight was booked for 8:30 PM, and we couldn't get on standby for an earlier flight without paying a lot more. And it wasn't practical to go back into London. So... did a lot of doodling in my notebook, some last-minute shopping, and "read" (listened to) The Pale King.

Noted more strange (to American eyes) signs, especially all the names and euphemisms for what we call (illogically) "the bathroom":

toilet (by far the most frequent)
W.C. (i.e., the "water closet")
loo (informal)
washroom -- this is what Virgin Atlantic flight attendants call it on the plane, though the doors say "lavatory". By the way, do ALL female Virgin Atlantic flight attendants have to have blonde hair, pulled back in a bun? That seems to be one of Branson's requirements.

Never saw a sign for "bathroom" or "restroom" in England. Don't recall seeing signs for simply "Men" and "Women", which we often see here, either -- though the international graphic symbols for the two genders were frequent, as in the US.

On the flight, watched The Fighter, which was nominated for best picture. Good movie.

So we're back, the house still stands (thanks Phil), and now we know what sarnies are.

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