Monday, July 25, 2011

Word of the Day: doolally

doolally (adj)

Insane, mad, or eccentric.

"Going doolally In the days of the Raj, soldiers who cracked under the stresses and strains of military life in British India were packed off to recuperate at a psychiatric hospital in the small Maharashtran cantonment town of Deolali."
--David Abram, The Rough Guide to India

Much could be said about the doolally quality of the current machinations in Washington, D.C. An "absurd pantomime" was the The Economist's admirable phrase for it in a recent essay. But there's plenty of doolally puttering going on closer to home.... that is to say, in my home, thanks to a transient occupant into, shall we say, puffery. Enough said, cough, cough.....

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